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Micronet-Techno We provide you best IT Services and Solutions to contibute client's business.

Why Choose Us?

We established in 2001 and worked various clients and a lot of enterprise system development adopt latest technology trend. Micronet-Techno can achieve business objectives with modern IT technologies.


We provide One stop service of enterprise system development. Consulting, Development and System operation.

Factory Automation

We design and also implement system of Automated product line with open source technology, Contribute to Factory Automation(FA) and Industry.

IT Consulting

To achieve client's business objective, We will build a solution proposal which is optimized and also achievable best as soon as possible with smallest information.

AI Related Technology

We will resolve phisical problems by AI related technologies.
Machine/Deep Learning, Computer Vision, IOT, SBC(Jetson TX/Raspbery Pi), Natural Language Processing

Modern Software Engineering

More flexible and efficient system development with agility and modern technologies.

Global Services

We are conducting research and developing practical-use solutions, redefining accumulated knowledge and technologies that can be used in actual business case.

We are made up of professionals
with a ton of experience.

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