AI(Artificial Intelligence) Related Technologies

Basically AI related technologies are available for all business. We can provide appropriate AI solution to from small to large scale business.


  We will quickly analyze complicated data generated by financial business using AI related technologies. And support decision making and prediction of market trend and Automated underwriting system and so on with AI.



  Inspection of product, predictive Malfunction management, production planning, robotic, distibution automation etc.. AI related technologies are available in various area. We think it is possible to improve International Competitiveness by build smart production organization.  



  Predict demand forecast according to Purchase history, Climate condition, economics trend to achieve autonomously ordering in ondemand. Monitor consumers behaviour in store and predict appropriate and optimized merchandise layout.


Autonomous Pilot

  vehicles, trucks, drone, boat etc.. We will provide autonomous pilot by using Computer vision and sensing, deep learnig.

Why choose Micronet-Techno?

We have mandatory skill set to achieve develop AI related technologies below.

Advanced Mathematical Knowledge

  Recent AI built on statistics, Hence these advanced mathmatical knowledge is mandatory for AI development in algorism level (This is not reusing AI related cloud API based service.). We can provide AI with customized and original machine/deep learning models.

High Performance Computing

  We have various experiece using GPU and ASIC hardware and also CUDA etc.. in the past project. We can resolve huge data by using HPC and AI related technologies.


  We have supportive partnership like NVIDIA corp and University research institute. These partnership will technical and knowledge support are available for Micronet-Techno.

Certified as an Inception member of NVIDIA.

   Micronet-Techno is registered as a member of the Inception Program aiming to train start-up companies trying to revolutionize the industry with the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science provided by NVIDIA Inc. it was done. Under the support of Nvidia, the largest GPU product for Deeep Learning, Micronet Techno will provide the best solution for artificial intelligence.

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Computer Vision (CV)

The work visually confirmed by human eyes will be replaced by computer vision.

Computer Vision technology resolves the following real world issues.


  We can replace the work that were conducted by human with AI model and Computer Vision in efficiently and accuracy. Computer Vision will recognize the object(human/vehicles/other target), and convert from phisycal to virtual then analyze the behavior of real world as data. Please stop to using human for observaiton and let do it to Computer Vision application, Then application will observe obejct 24/7 anytime and anywhere. We also provide BOT UI services that notify observation result on demand.

  We also can create edge device to achieve these kind of solution in reasonable price. Of course edge devices are available in off-line(without network connection).

  • Observe traffic of vehicles and pedestrians then create heat map.
  • Intelligent Video Surveilance system for security.
  • Automation of visual confirmation tasks. (Paper work/Test evidence validation/OCR etc..)
  • Activity monitoring (Life log)
  • Responding to needs on-demand in scenes where detailed service needs to be provided for interpersonal service.
  • Face/Gender/Age recognition system
  • On demand BOT UI service
  • Work efficiency monitoring and connect to efficiency improvement
  • Realtime monitoring system using Deep learning model (CNNs/SSD etc..)
  • Create one stop Computer Vision solution
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

Resolve the real-world problems by IT technology

   For example, digitalize personalized work.

Recognize real world via sensors and camera attached in edge-device, Adding the computer vision technology. This will enable measure the quantitative insight. And also integrate it into data analytic platform will produce the improvement and creative services.

  The work conducted only by expert will be able to automate and support by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), It will homogenization the quality and provide you an insight that used to be realy difficult to obtain.

  • Analog gages auto recognition and data entry
  • Area rate auto recognition
  • Data visualization (create heat map)
  • Object detection and recognition
  • Various camera images such as infrared/near infrared, thermography and depth
  • Interlocking with various sensors
  • Professional image analysis services / AI-OCR
  • Integrate with machine/ deep learning models
  • Eco systems using single board computers

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